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"My first official blog post would be about coffee", is probably what you're thinking if you've known me for a while. Even if you haven't met me yet, yes, my first blog post would indeed be about coffee. 

Coffee is a beverage I consume everyday. I love it. 

What about coffee do I love? Well, several things. 

  1. I love the taste. - I understand this to be subjective because I get questions like, what's so bad about Starbucks? Why can't you just drink regular coffee? First of all, there's absolutely nothing wrong with Starbucks, other than the fact that they source their robusta beans not from single origin local farmers, but from conglomerate corporate farms that exploit aforementioned local farmers. Second, they lack craftsmanship and finesse, which leads me to my next point:
  2. Craftsmanship. - You can ask any craft coffee connoisseur, the amount of effort that goes from seed, to sprout, to bean, to roaster, to barista, then cup is a long and beautiful process -- one that starts with and requires care from beginning to end. Personally, to think that the hot beverage I now hold in my hand came from thousands of miles away coupled with hundreds of hours of work is quite amazing. 
  3. Caffeine. - I started my addiction to caffeine around sophomore year in college, when I had one too many papers and not enough nights of sleep. From there, my love for the drug grew. 
  4. Conversation. - Many a good friendship began over "let's grab a cup of coffee". Granted, this phrase is way overused now and can now be translated into "I'll call you but I won't really because I don't want to hang out with you".

These four reasons are what outline my love for this natural diuretic, but that's not really what I want for you to get out of reading this. This blog post is a mere illusion for the 'welcoming' of this blog to the interwebz. Making a website has long since been a goal of mine (my 2013 resolution, in fact...) but 2014 is the year I am making things happen. 

So, cheers. Enjoy a cup of coffee, and make your goals into things you did last week.  


© Andrew Kam 2014