Andrew M. Kam

Photographer, Friend


on being hip

"That's so hipster. You're so hip." I cringe. I literally cringe and wince when I hear these words. Since when is staying relevant a bad thing?

I've been doing much observation these days as to how we (my immediate and greater group of friends) speak to one another through social media and in person. If I had a damned nickel for every time I read the words above for a picture of a cup of coffee and/or anything with a faded instagram #vscocam tag I would be a freakin' millionaire. 

The unfortunate realization I came to was that being hip -- isn't actually cool. Mason jars, flowers in recycled coke bottles, vintage boots, thrifted pullovers, scenic sunsets with #vscocam, I'm guilty of it all. But my intention was never really to engage in nor encourage this outright name calling. 

It's offensive. 

What do you really mean what you're calling somebody hip? What are you implying? Is it to say that because they enjoy these types of things that they're somehow inferior? Does it go to imply that one is less, because they like sharing their interests? Rethink your words and don't make others less just because it doesn't suit you. 

In light of Martin Luther King Day Jr. last weekend (yes I'm going there), I propose we encourage instead of discourage, uplift instead of tear down and love instead of hate. Working in San Francisco has taught me many things and I share with you this one: there is too much pain in this world and everyone you meet is fighting a hard fight. 

So here's to being better friends, better roommates, better husbands, wives, fiancés, boyfriends, girlfriends, what have you -- here's to creating a world we all actually enjoy living in. 


© Andrew Kam 2014